No words in the video, so read the bullet-point facty-facts below! Hurry!

The United Kingdom had a General Election today!

  1. Nobody was expected to win!
  2. But the Tories (Conservatives) did!
  3. David Cameron will be Prime Minister again!
  4. Citizens don't vote for Prime Minister! They vote for members of Parliament, and whichever party or coalition gets a majority picks the Prime Minister!
  5. Everyone was afraid there would be a weak coalition government like last time, when the Tories partnered with the Liberal Democrats*!
  6. That partnership went so well for the Liberal Democrats, they went from 57 seats to just 8, and their leader Nick Clegg had to resign!
  7. Yet somehow the Tories won an outright majority of seats (despite getting only 36% of the popular vote, because of how the UK constituency system works)!
  8. This election also saw a dramatic rise in seats and votes for the separatist Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) and the far-right United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), which is probably not a great sign for the long-term future of a unified, outward-looking Britain!
  9. Everyone still hates Labour for when Tony Blair followed Bush into Iraq and when Gordon Brown followed Bush into the financial collapse!
  10. This is why the Tories did so well even though they're pretty disliked as well (hence the rise of left- and right-wing parties), but for old-fashioned reasons like privatization, crushing unions, and favoring the rich!
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