No, not the electromagnetic skateboard model tested by Tony Hawk, this hoverboard is the real deal. It's a board...that can hover and fly...for a shockingly long time.

The Guinness Book of World Records may seem like a throwback to the 20th Century, but they're a crucial necessity in this world of constant innovation and online video. When new inventions are coming at us faster than we can process and footage can be faked so easily, having a name we can trust to actually verify cool achievements helps me figure out where the envelope is today and who is pushing it. When it comes to hoverboard technology, that envelope is a flight distance of almost 1,000 feet, which is about 100 times further than I would have guessed. It also hovers much higher than I'd guessed (and a little higher than I'd like), but I was genuinely impressed by Canadian inventor Catalin Alexandru Duru and his record-breaking flight.

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