After Rebekah's brother died, she donated his face to a gunshot victim. Now, for the first time ever, she gets to meet the man who received it.

Rebekah Aversano meeting Richard Norris for the first time. (via 60 Minutes)

In 2012, Richard Norris received "the most extensive face transplant ever performed." Norris had been injured in a gun accident 15 years earlier, which left his face so disfigured, he lived as a recluse and wore a mask whenever he did leave the house. Doctors only gave him a 50% chance of surviving the surgery, but he did, and he's gone on to lead a successful and healthy life, even modeling for GQ.

Less has been said about where Richard's face came from — it had belonged to 21-year-old Josh Aversano and was donated by his sister, Rebekah. Three years after the surgery, Rebekah and Richard are meeting for the first time, thanks to 60 Minutes. It's incredible to watch her as she sees her brother's face on another man:

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