To be fair, I kinda want to reach through the screen and pet it myself. (via redditor piepei)

Kids think the yearbook is about them, but teachers appear in way more yearbooks than most students ever will, like the instructors in the high school yearbook of redditor piepei's son. I don't know where this comes from, except some anecdotal evidence that the bearded man is an AP Psych teacher and the school's sports team is the Chargers.

Yeah, some kids manage to sneak in some truly awesome yearbook quotes and photos, but none of them could ever conduct a 40-year campaign to wear the exact same outfit every single year. These teachers are still young, and are just discovering their potential. Maybe next year they'll get an entire page to reach into each other's pictures. Maybe they'll have a big Mexican standoff. I don't know, but I do believe that the teachers are our future.

Sources: redditor piepei