I didn't know you were allowed to do this job sober.

Zambonehead. (via WDAZ)

On Friday night, Intoxicated human Steven Anderson went from being the coolest guy at the Southside Arena in Fargo, to the guy with a great story to tell his accidental grandkids after being arrested for DUI for drunk-driving a Zamboni.

"Tell us again how you got arrested for drunk driving the Zamboni, grandpa!"

Anderson was arrested during the second period of a girl's high school hockey game Friday night, after he was visibly drunk while driving the Zamboni across the rink.

"Larson said spectators and school officials noticed the erratic Zamboni driving and a Fargo Public Schools employee called Fargo Police," reported WDAZ.

The erratic Zamboni driver might not be great for high school hockey, but it used to be a killer dance move at Studio 54.