Someecards is looking for a full stack developer, ideally with experience in web publishing, including, including SEO, social media integrations, ad implementation, and analytics.

  • ReactJS frontend with NodeJS/Redux/SSR/Webpack and the rest.
    • Most people who know this stuff should know all the various parts we are using of this "framework". There are many ways to skin this cat so it might not be exactly what we use, but they should be familiar with a lot of it.
    • Advertising networks and custom implementations.
  • PHP (Silex Framework) backend.
    • I think this is pretty straightforward stuff, but having Silex/Doctrine experience is pretty important otherwise there will be quite a learning curve at first.
    • SOLR is our search engine. I think we can get rid of it but Ill talk about it in another email. Hard obtuse thing to understand if you've never seen it before. Bill/Silas/Myself hated touching this thing.
    • MySQL database is pretty big ~20gb. Ill talk about minimizing it in another email. But a good candidate should understand the proper practicies on bigger databases etc.
  • AngularJS frontend for the CMS
    • We are using Angular2 which is very outdated at this point. None the less, they should have experience with angular 2 or it will be a learning curve. Not as bad as the PHP learning curve though, so if they have newer angular experience, might be ok.
    • UI/UX design is a nice skill to grasp. I find our CMS is mostly intuitive. If the candidate sucks at UX, not a biggy, but you will have to take more role in design of the CMS then. This also might be a moot point if the CMS is moved elsewhere.
  • DevOps on Google Cloud with Kubernetes
    • Docker, Kubernetes, linux administration, clusters, services, nodes, auto scaling, permissions, Cloud functions, cron containers, etc.
    • I find this can be pretty hard stuff. Fortunately, it has been more than rock solid. Having said that, good candidate should have experience with this stuff so when a problem does happen, they know how to debug it.
    • But I could see a situation where this aspect of the tech stack could be maintained externally since it shouldn't need too many changes on a day to day basis.
    • We use AWS still for a backup of all our images. Probably dont need this but it's there.
    • Cloudflare and page rules and caching


Someecards is looking for freelance writers. Read on if you're interested, or have nothing else to read!

Someecards is looking for staff writers. Read on if you're interested, or have nothing else to read!

Is this you?

Someecards is always looking to add freelance writers to our editorial team. The ideal candidate is an avid blogger with a nose for viral stories, a smart sense of humor and a clear writing style.

-Pitch and write-up several posts per day, ranging from mainstream news aggregation to niche viral finds.
-Pitch and write original pieces, including funny and insightful responses to topical stories, first-hand accounts or experiments, and curated lists of content from around the web.
-Write Facebook statuses for posts and optimize content for broader social media audiences.

-1-3 years experience writing for the web in a comedy, news or viral content capacity. 
-Demonstrated ability to write snappy, clever headlines and copy optimized for social media.
-Familiarity with the Someecards brand and a great sense of humor.

If interested, please send an email with a brief introduction and links to your previously published work to with "Freelance Writer" in the subject line.