Dylan Downing was enjoying some sushi at Atami Sushi and Steak when her infant son Mason also got hungry and began to cry. As Downing began to breastfeed her son, a waitress came over and put a cloth napkin over the mother and child. Unsurprisingly, mom was pretty pissed.  

"She got a cloth napkin and placed it over me and my infant," Downing told the outlet. "I ripped it off and said why are you touching me and covering my child."

The waitress, identified as Rattana, said she covered up Downing and her son because three men were complaining about her being too exposed. Rattana also said that seeing a breastfeeding mother didn't offend her personally, not that that really matters. Downing retaliated by choosing not to tip her server and sharing photo of her receipt to the Facebook page of her local news station, KHOU11 News.

Sources: h/t Cosmopolitan