Redditors recently shared stories of secrets they've kept from their parents, but don't feel bad for thee moms and dads. As these stories prove, it really can better that to know too little than know too much—​after all, what parent wants to discover that their kid had sex with his cousin or became a "local drug lord" (even if it was just for 24 months)?

1. This mom definitely has figured this out by now.

2. "Wow, you got RIPPED in Spain."


3. According to the poster, he was in prison for four months.

4. People transfer schools for a ton of different reasons.

5. Smooth.

6. He just wanted to have sex on a waterbed.


7. He really arrested his development there.

8. Great edit.

9. Nice work if you can get it.

10. She just thinks he's gotten so calm from meditation.


11. Skunks: surprising omnivores.

Sources: Reddit