Very badly behaved kids that will make you feel better about your own.

Very badly behaved kids that will make you feel better about your own.

Kids! Who doesn't love 'em!? Well, maybe not when they're behaving like utter beasts. It's not always clear what's going on behind the scenes, and when kids are acting up, you never know the actual circumstances, but it can be hell to watch. Here, 11 people recount the times they saw Kids Gone Wild in real life.

1. Tanglekelp saw a kid who had a personal vendetta against balloons.

I worked at a cinema and the location was 5 years old so we had two big arches with a lot of balloons near the entrances to celebrate. Some of them would randomly pop but there where a lot of balloons. One day I heard one pop, then one more- and more and more, very rapidly. I walked over and saw a little boy with a knife, stabbing the balloons with such anger it was as if they had personally killed his family and made him watch. The mother was close by, and only decided to speak when she saw that I was going to say something. All she said was "Johny, give me that knife". Nothing about not stabbing balloons, no shock about him having a knife in the first place, no apologies to me for the balloons. They left the theatre before I could say something.

2. Unicornglitterdust got some unexpected visitors.

I was in a fitting room at a chain clothing store and this group of, say 10 kids, was running around the fitting rooms screaming and crying and two of the little boys CRAWLED UNDER MY DOOR AND STOOD IN THE FITTING ROOM WHILE I WAS NAKED. saying terrible things that kids that age should not have known. I’m usually pretty level headed but I found the mother and absolutely went off on her. I typically would never, ever judge the way a mother raises her children, but that, that was absolutely unacceptable. She didn’t even care.


3. Luckily sweetnesssa's dad was there to set them straight.

I was in highschool so probably 16/17, and waking home from school one day. A group of boys is walking towards me, probably 10-12 in age. As we pass each other, one of the boys steps out in front of me, reaches out, and grabs me by the crotch, then jumps away laughing, his friends laughing with him.

I'm so startled I don't do anything (like slap his smug face), but a few moments later my dad pulls up in our van, and right away he can tell I'm upset. I tell him why, he hits the gas and catches up to the group of boys. He peels up next to them, tire screeching and turns in front of them, kinda cutting them off. Hops out, corners the little assholes, and proceeds to lecture them about inappropriate behaviour towards women until they cry. My dad is 6,2" and can be intimidating, he's very intense and having his negative attention focused on you is not something you'd want.


4. Ow1's polite request didn't sit too well.

At target, two kids aged 8-10 were hitting each other, screaming, and climbing all over their cart, disrupting everyone around them. The older woman with them just casually browsed shelves and ignored it.

They were at the store for an hour. In that time, the kids slapped items off shelves from inside the cart as they rolled by, hooting and hollering the entire time. Other customers turned their heads and made comments to each other about the spectacle. No Target employees said anything.

They ended up rolling up right behind me in the checkout line, and luckily my items were almost done being scanned and therefore out of reach of their little grabby monster hands.

I couldn't hear the cashier over their constant screaming, so I turned to one of the children, smiled, and said very politely "hey cutie, use your indoor voice, ok?"

The older lady with them suddenly went from calm to completely enraged.



I gave her a blank look and said "I have the right to shop in a nice quiet store." which yeah was kind of stupid for me to say, but at least it shut her up.


5. Sadisticspice accidentally prompted something worse.

I was on a train in Kuala Lumpur and there was this boy about 3-4 years old who was fairly noisy. He had a balloon and at one point he started swinging this balloon around and hitting my legs with it over and over again. I asked his mom if she could please stop him. She immediately started screaming at him and slapping him, and he started screaming back at her and slapping her, and this continued for at least the next ten minutes until I got off the train.


6. Akiramari's dad's first concern was keeping that bunny safe.

My dad's a magician and does shows for birthday parties sometimes. He also has a dwarf rabbit - the cutest, softest, calmest bunny you could ever meet - and brings him to shows. Bunny appears (magically, of course) and the kids get to pet her a bit. One time, the birthday boy got the scariest look on his face and grabbed the bunny by the throat with both hands, like he knew how to strangle someone to death. Bunny was okay, but my dad was like, OK BUNNY IS LEAVING NOW.

7. InsinkHERator wasn't having it at all.

I actually put more of this on the parents than the kid...but while in a drugstore in line I saw two kids tearing up the place, pulling things off shelves, etc. The clerks could only stand by and watch. Mom was off to the side doing something else and paying no attention to the kids' behavior. So, I stated in a loud voice "Can you BELIEVE how some people let their kids run wild??!" Mom comes running over, makes some inane excuse, grabs the kids and huffs out. Smiles all around.


8. KOd06 witnessed a total meltdown.

I used to work at a theme park. Was walking to the break room and I have no idea what this kid, who was probably about 10 years old, was upset about, but he was going off at his mother. Just screaming and calling her all sorts of words that I certainly didn't know at that age, and things you should never call anyone, let alone your mother. If I were his mom, we'd be packing it up on our way home, but she was just taking it, didn't say a word back to him. Wasn't sure whether I should feel sorry for her or the kid.


9. Princess__toadstool had an encounter with a child whose mom was focused on correcting the wrong behavior.

I nearly got pickpicketed by a kid at the airport reaching into my purse to grab my 3DS. I jumped back and yelled "What the fuck?"

His mom freaked out at me for cursing at her kid. No problem with him trying to steal strangers' shit, though.

10. No, the kids can't just play on Xscooby0dookuX's work computer.

I work at a cabinet and counter-top shop with my dad. I handle the customers that come into our showroom to look around and set an appointment. Anyway, i had a couple come in with their three very small children, the oldest looked around 10 or 11 while the youngest was probably 6. As soon as they walk through the door they sprint all the way to the back of the showroom where my desk was. I didn't think anything of it because i like kids and thought they were cute, but when i left my desk to go talk to their parents, they GET ON MY COMPUTER where i had multiple drawings up that i had been working on that day.

Their parents then ask me if its okay if they play on the computer and i was literally lost for words. I thought it was a joke, but when i realized they were serious i told them no it was not okay and i told the kids they need to get off my computer. That's just the first part. They tried to go into our warehouse which is very dangerous for small children and i again tell them to stay in the showroom. They come back in the showroom and just run around everywhere and wrestling on the floor. The entire time the parents don't say anything to them. At this point i was just trying to get them the fuck out of my showroom. It was the worst 45 minutes of my life.


11. GraveyardOperations met a demon beast who would not be earning her sticker that day.

Used to work at Target. Aside from being the bob-cut capital of the world, we also had stickers would could hand out to kids at our registers.

It was a small bit power. Well behaved kid? I was the Oprah of stickers. Little shit-weasel? No sticker for you!

But there was one instance that haunts me to this day. A little girl, no older than six years old, was with her mother. Her mother was just trying to buy some groceries and some mac n' cheese so she could feed the fruit of her loins. This little girl saw the tiny Barbie dolls we had on the racks near the register. She wanted one.

She. Wanted. One.

The mother, being an actual parent, told her no. The temper tantrum I saw radiate from this beast was nothing short of legend. Ancient Gods spoke in dark tongues as rage welled in this monster. The lights dimmed, the sun faded away, and the whispers of thousands of damned souls echoed in my store. Her eyes lit up with Hellfire and she unleashed a banshee shriek so fierce that the dead rose from their graves.

I slammed my hands over my ears, watching her rip the entire rack apart, throwing each and every tiny Barbie doll onto the floor. She continued to wail and scream, jumping up and down and smashing it under her feet. I slowly backed away, looking to my manager, who looked just as horrified as I did.

But her mother though... Her mother's face. I saw in that woman's eyes a drained, withered soul. I saw the face of a woman who had no reason to live other than that... that thing. I saw a woman whose entire life was destroyed.

And that was the day I knew that I would never have children myself. Needless to say, that little girl did not get a sticker.