Two girls in Dallas wanted to help raise money for the family of the police officers who were killed, so they decided to set up a lemonade stand. They hoped to raise $100 to donate to Assist the Officer Foundation, an organization that provides financial aid to the families of police officers who have lost their lives. They had no idea that by the time they were done, they'd have raised $10,000.

Lauren Roach, 12, and Landry Nelon, 11, told FabAcres that once people realized where the money was going, they would hand over money even if they weren't buying lemonade. People driving by who saw the girls' signs ("Honk if you love DPD" and "All proceeds donated to DPD") handed them money through the car window. Word spread quickly on social media, and soon people were going out of their way to find the lemonade stand and donate money.