13 hilariously passive-aggressive thank you notes from kids.

13 hilariously passive-aggressive thank you notes from kids.

Everything has a catch. For example, kids get everything for free, but in return they must suffer the humiliating indignity of having to write thank you notes. But the thing with kids is that they have no filter. They're more or less sociopaths because they haven't learned how to pretend to be good people like the rest of us yet, so even those thank you notes are seeped in passive-aggression if not utter hostility.

1. She would do anything for love.

But she won't do that.

2. Needs improvement.

Thus ends your quarterly review, Mom.

3. Wii are so sorry.

You'd think three of them could've chipped in and got one.

4. It's the thought that counts.

They don't remember either.

5. Fair is fair.

6. Just a heads-up for next time.

But what about a really ugly baby brother? That's basically a puppy.

7. You're all wet.

Scott drops G's in his letters and in the streets.

8. It was either that or jail.

Have you ever thanked your mom for doing the bare minimum for you?

9. Bills, bills, bills.

Just, like, so many, you know?

10. Just SO much great…stuff.

Like the War of Something and the Trail of…something else.

11. Ah, but it's a certainty.

Morgan is now the frontrunner for the GOP nomination.

12. Let's make a distinction.

Got that? Good talk.

13. All the other kids like homework, but not this one.

Somebody just got a job at Pitchfork.