Reddit user throwaway4620048486 has blown up the Internet by posting the unbelievable multi-part story of his long lost brother, whom his parents had told him went missing and disappeared. It turns out, his brother had never gone missing, but chose to leave because his parents rejected him for being gay. What followed was a decades-long saga of deception and redemption.

The story begins with the memory of the last time he saw his brother:

I'm trying to write this in a way so that no one will be able to research and find out who I am (or my brother is). But it's the Internet and everyone's a super sleuth.

My brother went missing years ago. And when I say "missing," I mean that his case was declared one of those "creepy unsolved mysteries." It was on the news. I distinctly remember my parents interviewing for the news in our living room.

I think I know what happened to him.

I was very young when he went missing. I barely remember him, but I do remember that I loved him a lot. He would pull me around our block in a wagon. Most kids his age didn't do that.

The days before he disappeared, I remember him staying home and babysitting me. I stayed in my room and played Nintendo 64. Throughout the day, a guy came over. I remember him. He was older, almost our dad's age. My brother made me go into my room whenever I heard the doorbell.