14 parents who are very, very sad that school is back in session. Very.

14 parents who are very, very sad that school is back in session. Very.

Summer feels long at exactly two times in life: when you're a little kid, and when you're a stay-at-home parent of little kids. Keeping them fed, not fighting each other, and enduring how much they whine about how bored they are is a full-time-plus job. For many parents, the first day of school is basically the start of their vacation. Here are some who are unabashedly pleased that the kids are out of the house.

1. Seven up…and out.

2. Momosas!

Parents do this all day when the kids are at school.

3. Two opposite thoughts which perfectly summarize parenting.


4. Ain't no party like a kid-free party.

'Cause a kid-free party doesn't have any kids.

5. And the presents are naps.

6. Molly Weasley is looking forward to a quiet spell.

She'll finally have the time to knit Ron another ugly sweater.

7. Up top.


8. From whining to wining.

All you have to do now is sober up by Parents Night.

9. A real sentimental one right here.

10. Look out, behind you!

It's your mom, and she's completely done with your nonsense!

11. Fly high, angel, fly high.

12. She's alive!

The kids, however, have their dead-eyed stares ready to go.

13. If you buy them crayons and stuff, they suddenly just start leaving each morning.


14. What a drag.

It beats riding the bus.