People with overly permissive parents reveal the craziest things they were allowed to do.

People with overly permissive parents reveal the craziest things they were allowed to do.

While some kids grew up with extremely strict parents and had rules up the wazoo, others had parents who were the complete opposite — lenient to the point of ridiculousness. People on Reddit shared the most absurd things they were allowed to do in childhood, and the results are fairly surprising. Turns out with a lot of kids, the more permissive the parent is, the less likely the kid is abuse the privilege. Of course, this doesn't go for every teen, but who knew?

1. Chicken_Burp's mother may have had a plan all along.

My parents used to facilitate my underage drinking. Anytime I would go to a party, my mum would pick-up a bottle for vodka for me.

What happened when I reached legal drinking age? I had a few beers and went home

2. Cavan2017 could disappear for days at a time.

From the age of 15 I didnt have a time that I had to be in at on the weekends.

I would stay out until 3 or 4am drinking on the streets with my mates, come home and go to bed. Not a word would be said to me the next day by my parents.

When I was 16 myself and a group of my mates decided to get the boat from Ireland to Wales and get a train up to manchester to see if we could score some football tickets. We left on the friday morning and didnt come home until the following monday

My mum called me on the sunday asking me where I was, I told her I was "at the football" and she said enjoy, that she wasnt putting a dinner out for me so


3. Lexfry was on "the longest leash in the world and didn't wander."

from the age of 10 or 11 on basically no oversight what so ever. both parents worked at night, had a babysitter that didnt even watch me.

could do literally anything 4 or 5 nights out of the week including weekends from around 8pm til 5am. have parties, roam the streets. drink alcohol. they never checked their liquor amounts. complete freedom.

you know what I did? virtually nothing, few parties but didnt drink, everyone else had to be home so I'd be home too. I basically didnt use any of the freedoms, never did drugs, never drank. so boring. the longest leash in the world and didn't wander.

not sure if i was just a great kid or if all that freedom took the excitement out of going crazy.


4. Lkcmh wasn't much of a rebel.

Same, my dad would have had picked me up from everywhere at anytime, but I never went out. My parents gave me wine to taste when I asked when I was 10. Grew up in a chain smoker household, so the same with cigarettes. My mom even rolled my first joint for me when I was 15. I guess the “rule” was that its in a moderate manner as well.

(I remember her surprised expression “so you can not do that on your own?”)

Never had the urge to escalate nor being rebellious. Don’t smoke nor drink regularly. Also I never got the excitement of classmates to be super rebellious when they secretly smoked one cigarette. Maybe the prohibition really is the key here


5. Mejok's mom gave him/her some afternoons off.

I don't know how absurd it was but when I was in high school I used to call my mom sometimes at lunch and tell her that me and some of the guys wanted to skip school in the afternoon to go play basketball, volleyball, soccer, etc. She would always ask what my grades looked like at the moment and as long as I was making mostly A's she'd call the school and tell them I wouldn't be coming back after lunch.


6. Stuwoo was living the teenage dream.

From the age of 16 my parents said to me I could go down the pub with my mates as much as I want. The only rule was don't rock up at the house at 2am completely wasted. Good times.

7. Account778's parents sound pretty accommodating.

Mine was just "don't drive drunk. Call me or there's $50 on the calendar."


8. Boocey_booce's parents really only cared that the kids not stink up the house with their weed.

I started smoking weed in the house at 15. Tried to keep it hidden and only did it in the middle of the night when parents were fast asleep. But this one time my parents were going away for a weekend and they missed their flight and they came home without texting me and walked in on a few friends and I smoking in the living room and watching Netflix. Dad walks in and immediately smells it, he looks at me and tells me "Open the window jackass you're going to stink up the house.". They found a more expensive ticket and left later that night.


9. Animatethis was allowed sleepovers with the opposite sex.

When I was a younger girl, most of my best friends were boys. Mom constantly allowed me to have sleepovers at these boys' houses. Guess what happened? We'd stay up all night playing video games and watching movies. /shrug

10. Was a_fleeting_being's mom trying to turn her child into an alcoholic?

My mom was worried I was not getting drunk with my teenage friends (we're talking age 15-16). So she would gently coax me into drinking, offer wines to taste and to make me cocktails to get used to the taste of alcohol, and so forth.

I never took up drinking, despite all her efforts. I grew up as a straightedge designated driver.

Also, starting Junior High she told me "you can skip school if you don't feel like going. But only a couple days a year". I ask her "can I carry those days from year to year?" she told me "sure".


I ended up never skipping a single day of Junior High or Highschool. :-/

That lady knew what she was doing, let me tell you that.

EDIT: Just remembered I was playing a teen rebel when I was in highschool so I wanted to go out and spray some graffiti with friends. As I was about to leave she caught me at the door

"Where are you going?"

"Going with friends to vandalize some public property."

"Take a sweater, it's cold."

11. TodayKindOfSucks got a car and all the freedom in the world.

Upper middle class upbringing here. My parents got me a car and didn’t give a shit about what I did as soon as I got my license. I once drove 150 miles to Baltimore after high school one day to get some crab cakes.


12. Weggewerf's parents actually encouraged him to have one-night stands.

My parents actively encouraged me to have one night stands, tho preferably when they themselves were not in the house. Like once they went off on holidays for a few days, last my mum did before closing the door was to tell me to "Call someone over" winkwinknudgenudge

edit: as this blew up and I got dozens of the same replies:

  • I had someone over in their house maybe 5 times, and three of those was the same fuckbuddy girl (I'm a guy)
  • Yes it turned into the dreaded grandkids question, no I did not make any yet
  • Despite this my parents were a bit weird around sex, never feeling comfortable to talk about it