Wisdom comes from experience, but it doesn't have to be your experience. Take heed of the following adults who took to Reddit to share all the stuff they did as teenagers that they completely regret. After all, "hindsight is 20/20," "youth is wasted on the young," etc, etc.


1. NotBridget will never forget… whatever the hell their name was.

Obsessing over my crush. What a waste of my precious time and energy.


2. SPEAK UP, noodles13.

I wish I wasn't so quiet. I had plenty of opportunities to have had a good friend friend group and even a boyfriend or two. I just let let had get the best of me and made me think that no one liked me or cared about me. In reality, I didn't like me enough to let myself have friends. I should have gone out, I should have talked to people, and I shouldn't have been afraid.

3. 1esproc can't even hear you.


Oh I have plenty of things I regret, but while this one's lame, it matters: Anything involving extremely loud noises without hearing protection. Concerts, clubs, raves, motorcycle riding. I'm not talking about those situations where you think it's kinda loud, but those ones where you're standing in front of the speaker stack thinking "Geez, this will probably damage my hearing". Spoiler: It does.


4. In retrospect, Spideratari sees why it was foolish to care what a bunch of dumb teenagers thought.


I regret that I was overly concerned what other people thought of me and completely ignored my studies. Even though I still think much of it was bullshit, if I had just applied myself I would have had so many more career options and better critical thinking skills when I was in my 20's. Took me 20 more years to get to finally get to that point.

5. Riverpne regrets feeling alive with pleasure.

starting to smoke.. Ya know what gets me about smoking, and I'm going to tell my daughter? No one ever tells you that you might actually like it. When you're a kid and smell someone smoking, it stinks to high hell. Smells like an ashtray, right? But you taste it, you actually smoke yourself, and it's different somehow.


6. Nolifecrisis drops a tooth bomb.

Not brushing my teeth. Led to a root canal at age 18, accompanied by some of the most intense pain I've ever felt in my life. And I now have 5 crowns, that's fun.


7. Unicorn_poop_ says be cool to your mom. Seriously, you guys. It's your mom.

I fought with my mom. A lot. I'm now about to graduate college, and my deepest regret in life so far is not listening to her while I was still home. Now that I'm completely on my own, I have screwed up many times, and each I've come back crawling to her more times than I can count-just for her to give me the advice I rejected as a teenager.


8. But at least Coronis12 gets to skip their high school reunion, too.

I skipped homecoming.

And prom

And walking at my graduation.

And pretty much everything fun during that time period in my life.

9. Jusjerm could've been the big man on campus, but no.

Turned down an athletic scholarship to play football. Would have stayed in great shape and gotten out of college with no debt


10. Just you wait, lejetwerkengwa1.


I spent so much time "waiting for something to happen". Like sitting on some steps outside of a house waiting for something to happen. Hanging out with people I did not really like waiting for something to happen. I feel like so much time was wasted waiting for something to happen, instead of doing something or "making things happen".

11. Animal_shapes says you probably shouldn't do meth.

I did a lot of drugs. Mostly non addictive ones. And then I smoked meth for the first time when I was 17. Smoked like twice a month when I was 18 and stopped when I was 20. I'm 22 now and sometimes I have powerful urges to smoke again and that's not cool because I'm in college. Doing meth again would ruin my life lol


12. Rocketmantan says just do it! DO IT!

Pussyfooting around my crushes and not just telling them how I felt.

To those of you still in high school: just fucking go for it. It's high school, pretty much everything is transient. And besides, High School is far from the deep-end. Just take the plunge.


13. Stay away from ahrzone's Xanga page.


sharing personal information online. I never got stalked or anything, but nowadays some of that stuff STILL exists. I even put up stories I wanted to one day publish.

Nothing comes of it now, but all it takes is one person with a vendetta against me to find out what stupid 15 year old me thought.

14. According to FreakingTea, we were supposed to have been exercising when we were teens.

Not exercising at all. I'm 27 and I have sciatica and a tilted pelvis and basically no core or upper body strength. When I think about how I got here, I realize I've spent the last 15 years sitting at a computer for most of my free time, and it will take a real lifestyle change to incorporate even moderate exercise. If I had built healthier habits when I was a teenager, I would be stronger, thinner, and in less pain now. I just never thought about the effects of my bad habits because my body was young enough to handle just about anything. Luckily I'm taking my chance now before it's too late.


15. Holycowitsmee wasn't exactly investing in their future.

Spending basically all the money I saved as a kid on weed and Taco Bell


16. A cheat sheet from squishy_panda.

Using sparknotes for my senior year English homework assignments out of laziness and then lying about it.

When I got confronted by my teacher, I lied about it, was promptly caught, and because my school had a zero-tolerance policy on cheating, I was immediately suspended and not allowed to walk for my graduation.


17. With friends like these friends, LawsonButcher, who needs friends?

not spending time with family. you know once it's gone you never get it back.

at that age my friends were everything, spent next to no time at home.

can still have friends and a social life, but set aside a day to hang out at home every week. don't even talk to 98% of those friends anymore, and the 2% that I do, is very sporadic.