14-year-old Corey Maison made a video about being bullied that was shared by The BULLY Project on Facebook on June 3, where it's been viewed over a million times. In her video, Corey tells the story (via notecards) of growing up transgender and being tormented mercilessly by students at her school, who told her she should kill herself since no one liked her anyway. Kids just say the darnedest horrifying things, don't they?

Corey's parents were understanding and involved enough in her life that they took her out of public school and homeschooled her, until she felt ready to go back. They found a small school with a supportive principal who let her use the girls' locker room and bathroom (suck it, Stacey Dash), and now she works with a therapist who's helping her transition from someone born physically male into a teenage girl. She even plays on the girls' soccer team.

Sources: h/t Cosmopolitan