Don't ask if they're identical.

And now for a very special episode of Sister, Sister. (via A Plus)

These two girls are twins, and no, their coloring isn't up for debate like The Dress. One is black, and the other one is white.

Despite being womb-mates, they were never able to get away with pulling the old twin switcheroo. Lucy, 18, is fair-skinned, blue-eyed, red-headed and straight-haired, while Maria, also 18 (duh), has a caramel complexion and brown, curly hair. The disparity in how they look is due to the fact that Lucy and Maria Aylmer were born to mixed-race parents; their dad is white and their mother is half-Jamaican. Being fraternal, they had as much chance to look alike as any siblings, but it is hard enough to get people to believe they are even sisters, let alone twins.

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