Families with twins explain all the fun experiments they can do that no one else can.

Families with twins explain all the fun experiments they can do that no one else can.

Twins are a great resource for scientists, because you can do some crazy things to one of them and measure the effects of your experiment against the “control”—the other one. Putting aside some of the darker moments in twinstory, just take a look NASA, who used astronaut twins Scott and Mark Kelly to see how space affects the body. The following examples of twin experimentation from Reddit are decidedly less scientific and decidedly more hilarious.

1. Bakkasake's parents wanted to know what would happen if their matching set had matching names.

I have a twin Brother , Our parents decided to name us the closet as possible , our names are a letter difference and pronounced the same in certain cultures. Needless to say the experiment wasn't so secret . In High school i wasn't in the yearbook for 3 years because i was thought to be a "Duplicate" , We shared the same classes some years which allowed for some fuck ups when comes to grading. he would have never passed Algebra 2 without my grades. We now work at the same place but different departments. I get Emails from his co workers as he does mine. So Thanks Mom and Dad ,you have perfected the troll


2. Atarifan2600's running a long experiment on shirt color and personality.

We generally dressed our boys with one in blue, and the other in red. This was done mainly so there was a differentiator at a glance, and so photos would be somewhat easier to tell apart, 10 years in the future.

Now I'm trying to figure out if any of their individual personality quirks are related to that early decision. (Easy going vs stessed out, etc.) (Probably not, but I'm discovering parents worry about the stupidest stuff.)


3. This experiment by ChthonicIrrigation's bro-in-law had instant effects.

When my brothers-in-law were young their father told them there had been a mix up in the hospital so Fred was Dave and Dave was Fred.

A crisis of self ensued, including switching personalities until he revealed the truth.

Edit: thank you every single American telling me about 'Zack and Cody'. I'll be sure never to watch this terrible light entertainment.

4. While Oxwum10's parents organized a long-running test to see who was fastest.

My parents could never tell my twin sister and I apart. They would just call out our names and whoever answered would be the one. Even now, they have to take a second look.


5. Overthinkingmyuserid has a genius mom to compensate for his freaked out brother.

Really late to this thread but here's my story:

I'm an identical twin, and my brother is fifteen minutes older than me. When we were twenty, our mom told us that we were part of an experiment where we were told the wrong birth order. At first neither of us believed her, but she showed us a document detailing the experiment. I laughed at it, but I didn't really care. Being the younger twin does not really matter to me. My brother, on the other hand, got irate. During our lives he has been the one to take the lead on things. This experiment completely undermined his role in our relationship.

Turns out, there was no experiment. Our mom just wanted to see how we would react. My brother started seriously questioning some of his attitudes.


6. Norberthp proves you don't actually have to have twins to trick your kids.

I don't know if mine really fits, but my dad tricked me into believing that my older brother was actually my twin.

We both had white hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. We did look quite similar (people would ask if we were twins before they saw our height different) so it made sense to me.

It started because there were two twin sized beds in my brother's room. We called them "the twins" and one day my dad told us he had hidden something in the twins. On top of each bed was a baby picture of each of us. I was certain it was a picture of the same child and my dad said, "Well of course it looks that way, you're twins!"

Everything suddenly clicked. The twin beds, strangers commenting on us, similar baby pictures (I wore his hand-me-downs)...

My dad thought it was hilarious and kept it up until I was old enough for school and my teacher informed me that my brother was four years older.


7. Names. Names are crucial. As this guy knows, and disregards.

Twins are on their way now (any day now) I plan to name them both Christopher to see the confusion between many people over the course of theirs lives.

8. Yocum137's testing the effects of a flat age hierarchy.

We refuse to tell anyone who was born first because we don't want anyone, including them, to make any assumptions about them based on their age, like this one is older so she's the leader, or that one is younger so she's more laid back, etc. Not even their grandparents know.

9. Interestingly, dudleydidwrong took advantage of having twins to pretend she didn't.

Mine are adults now, and one of them even has her own twins (but they are fraternal).

Anyway, just last year our identical twins told us that one of the things we did as parents actually worked. We tried not to raise them as twins. We said they were sisters who had the same birthday. We didn't let other family members call them "the twins." We insisted on individual names. We did not dress them alike. They were in different classrooms whenever the school had two classes for the same grade.

So, last year they told us that they did not realize they were twins until sometime around third grade. They both remember sitting in their bunk beds in second grade and talking about how it would be fun to have a twin. I'll call that a parenting success.