Or is the smiley not enough?

If you walk in on your son with his boyfriend, you have three options: 1) Pretend it never happened. This is a tried-and-true method of making something icky go away. After a while, seeing your naked son and his naked boyfriend will begin to seem like a weird dream. 2) Handle the matter directly and apologize to your son and his boyfriend once they are fully dressed. You're all adults, and you can handle a couple of penises. No, not like that. Ugh, god this is awkward. Or finally, 3) Handle it like this mom and pull the "cool mom" routine. Claim you're kinda drunk, make reference to how this is sorta awk, but also imply it ain't no thang by mentioning the brownies you just pulled out of the oven since you are, it stands to reason, the best mom ever.

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