Dads have all different jobs and hobbies, but one thing a lot of them have in common is a genuine love for teasing and embarrassing their kids. Especially their daughters, who often make no sense to them. One man who's really at the top of his game is Burr Martin, whose recreations of his daughter Cassie's selfies on Instagram have earned him over 60,000 followers—nearly twice as many as she has. Truly adding insult to injury.


Handkerchief bandeau for the win.

Close, but where's the nose ring?

Dads don't need Snapchat for wreath filters.


He took a risk here, and it paid off.

Not bad! Terrifying, but not bad.

I had 1)Candy 2) Nothing else to do tonight #selfiedad #thatselfiedad #baddad

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