Dads share the funnest, 'girliest' knowledge they've picked up from their daughters.

Dads share the funnest, 'girliest' knowledge they've picked up from their daughters.

It's a cheesy old saying, but it's true: parents learn from their children just as much as children learn from their parents—from patience and unconditional love, to Disney Channel lineups. Reddit asked fathers of daughters to share the "girly thing" they now have "vast knowledge of," and they delivered a list of essential skills.

1. DeadVince is down with Princess Sparkle.

My little pony. I could probably pass a brony entrance exam at this point.

2. Scis1984 can style.

Braiding. I have a good on handle on about 10 different styles of braiding now.she is known for her braids at school.

3. ShesQuackers's dad is always prepared.

My dad is the king of hair elastics.

Despite the fact that my two younger sisters and I haven't lived in the area for 5-10 years now (and both sisters went through an extended phase with short hair), the man has enough hair elastics to build an escape rope from the top of the CN Tower. He keeps:

  • a handful in his wallet
  • a couple on the gear shifter in his pickup
  • some on the shifter in the highway tractor
  • full pack in both tractors and the combine
  • a few in each toolbox
  • a few in each quad

He's also damn handy with a blowdryer, but that's got more to do with cattle shows than us daughters. Can't braid for shit either.


4. Moonripple616 can do pedicures with surgical precision.

Painting toenails. My hands are steady as fuck now, and I can paint even the smallest toenails without getting any on the skin. After two daughters, I've become so proficient at it that my wife will have me paint her's sometimes.

5. Every purse has a purpose, as Kingsolomanhere knows.

There are so many purses, and they all have there own meaning and use.

6. Soomuchcoffee can accessorize.

My kid is just one, but my bow to outfit coordination is on fucking point.

7. Csjohnson has a leg up.

Difference between leggings and yoga pants, because apparently from my daughter and wife, there is a major difference. There are also Jeggings.

8. Cabnboy is a Disney Junior senior.

I'm learning about a lot of things but as my girls are only 4 and younger, I have become an expert on Disney Junior shows. I was way more interesting in learning Doc McStuffins' real name (Dotty) than I probably should have been. When the new show Elena of Avalor came out, I was the one who set it to record because it looked interesting and I was excited to have a new show to watch!

Dads share the funnest, 'girliest' knowledge they've picked up from their daughters.

9. MadLintElf has a way with the iron.

I never knew that I had a knack for straightening out hair, but apparently I do and she asks me to do it even when mom is home.

10. BighouseJD knows the secrets of the Girl Scout hustle.

Thanks to having a daughter, I now know the ins and outs of Girl Scout cookie sales. I got roped in to being in charge of cookies her first year in scouts. They take that stuff seriously.

What nobody sees: somewhere behind the scenes, a parent who has no recordkeeping or math skills has been turned into the accountant for the cookie mob.