This is Breeanna Telon.

Oh look another picture of me

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And as you can probably tell, she has some pretty incredible makeup skills.

Did this a couple days ago ✨

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And she ain't just keeping them to herself, either.

According to Mashable, Bree decided to give her father, Eddie, an impromptu makeover while he took a nap. And no, she didn't just apply some lipstick and have a good laugh. She gave her dad a full beat, painting him for the GODS, henny!

Check it out.


Glittery cut crease, check. Poppin' highlighter, check. Fleeky brows, check. He woke up like this and, honestly, he rocks it.

And he didn't seem too mad about his new look, either (once he could pry open his eyes, that is).


I don't know if I'm more jealous of Bree's makeup skills or Eddie's ability to sleep through pretty much anything.