It's no secret that some people get a little bit over emotional when they're watching their favorite sports team, and that is especially true when your favorite team happens to be playing in the Super Bowl. One little girl decided to take notes on her dad's reactions throughout the big game. (Based on her notes, her dad is definitely a Patriots fan.) Her log of his feelings is pretty hilarious.

Reddit user BraveReddit posted an image of a notebook with the caption "She took notes of her dad's reactions throughout the Super Bowl."


The full text of her notes reads:


8:10 Halftime Falcons 21 Patriots 3

8:15 Lady Gaga comes in

Football starts again at 8:40

Dad screams 8:49

Dad screams 8:51

Dad screams again 8:51

Dad screams 8:53

Dad laughs 8:52

Dad screams and startles me 8:54

Dad jumps 8:55

Weird commercial 8:56

Dad fights with dog 9:22

Dad does his evil laugh 9:23

Dad is the happiest person 9:49

Overtime 10:20

Dad cries 10:30

What an emotional journey.