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Dad calls out supermarket's sexist sign, gets best possible response.

Dad calls out supermarket's sexist sign, gets best possible response.


A dad from Canada is going viral for calling out a sign that displays a sexist double standard.

Justin Simard tweeted a picture of himself with his 9-month-old son at a Sobeys supermarket in Stratford, Prince Edward Island, posing in front of a sign in the parking lot that reserves a spot for "Expecting Mothers" and "Mothers with Small Children."

Simard had just one question...

"Crap, am I allowed to park here?" wrote Simard alongside the hashtags #notababysitter and #dadissues. He also tagged Sobeys in the post, and received a response within minutes.

Simard told The Huffington Post that he was thrilled with Sobey's speedy response. He also revealed what inspired him to tweet at Sobeys in the first place:

When I went to get out of my car, the person in the spot next to me gave me a dirty look, which quickly vanished when I took my son out of his car seat. Then the wording of the sign bothered me. What about single fathers? What about same sex couples? It occurred to me that the sign could be more inclusive.

And although some Tweeters accused Simard of "whining," the response was overwhelmingly positive:

Sobeys later said in a tweet that they are looking into updating the signage at all locations.

"My hope is that the sign was simply an echo of a thoughtless sexism that insists that raising children is 'women’s work,' and that people will realize that raising children is "parent’s work,'" he told HuffPo, adding, "Blatant sexism is easy to denounce, but I think it’s important to see the non-inclusive language that is all around us, recognize it, and replace it."

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