A dad who was in attendance at a recent Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Charlotte Hornets game did not bring his son with him. And now we know why.

The dad caught everyone's attention with this hilariously brutal sign:

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"Thomas get your grades back up and next time you'll be here. Love, Dad" reads the sign, which looks like it was professionally printed. Because this dad doesn't mess around.


If public humiliation with a side of FOMO isn't enough to get this kid to step up his schoolwork, I don't know what is. But things aren't looking so good for Thomas, because a few days later the dad was spotted again, at another Cavaliers game, with a new sign.


C'mon, Thomas!!!!!!

Some people are praising the dad and calling him "father of the year" for his tough love approach to improving his son's grades.


But others think his approach is too savage.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see if Thomas gets his grades up before we judge.