This dad got waxed before he would let his teenage daughter do it. It's actually kinda sweet.

This dad got waxed before he would let his teenage daughter do it. It's actually kinda sweet.

An internet-sharer by name of Carlinha1289 spent her day yesterday crafting a beautiful short story about her father, and a touching secret of his she finally learned... from her waxer.

The 26-year-old wrote that she's been using the same waxer for a decade. She's sweet, and they're close in that you-manage-my-body-with-pain type of way.

But the initial request to wax her legs didn't go over well with her father.

"My mom was never much of a "let's do things together!" she wrote, "Which was fine but also sucked when it came to me wanting to try things such as manicures, waxing, bra shopping and what not."

"However, I had a great dad who was always willing to bring me to these things..."

That's an understatement.

Before her first prom, during junior year of high school, the 16-year-old Carlinha wanted to wax her legs.

"My dad was very hesitant," she wrote. "He first said no, not yet, but as prom was approaching I became more and more insistent and he just said fine, that he'd do some research and book an appointment."

Eventually, dad came back to Carlinha with the details of her appointment, but he had one stipulation:


My dad has ONE condition: no upper legs. We convinced him to do a couple inches from my knees, because... Dresses and skirts, but not more than that.

A decade later, she found out why. In Carlinha's own words:

So that was a little over a decade ago. I continue going to her for a while and then I moved. Summer is here and I booked an appointment with her this morning. After all the catch up we did (a good 5 years!) she said she had to tell me something.

She told me that before my first appointment, my dad had called her and booked an appointment for himself. He spoke to her about her techniques and whatnot. He requested a full leg shave and she was happy to oblige. After he was done, he told her that he really didn't enjoy any of it but that his 16 year old daughter wanted to her her legs waxed and that he wanted to try it first. He booked an appointment for me that very same day. However, the waxer says that he called the very next day saying he had bruising on his upper legs and that it hurt. The waxer said it was possible and somewhat common, so he vetoed the upper leg for me.

O.M.G. The thing is, this is exactly like my dad. It's something he would do and it's something he'd probably never ever tell me he did. It was just another reminder of how thoughtful he is and always was.


This dad has the perfect combination of love and neurosis.

And his smooth legs finally make sense to his daughter now.