Dads are at their best when they’re telling bad jokes, obsessing over their interests, and being gross. These are exactly the same things people do on Facebook, which makes dads and Facebook a perfect match! (Except when it’s your dad.) Here are some people unfortunate enough to be friends with their filter-free fathers on Facebook.

1. Dads make dad jokes.


2. Dads make…Tinder jokes?

3. Dads make poop jokes.

4. Dads love reminding you that they are sexual beings.


5. Dads love reminding you that they have had sex with your mom.

6. Like, that’s their favorite thing. (That and dad jokes.)

7. Dads get drunk.


8. Dads will embarrass you in front of your friends and the whole Internet.

9. Dads are quick to anger.

10. They’re not mad, just disappointed.


11. Dads are weird.

12. Dads have a default setting of inappropriate.

13. Dads shouldn’t be allowed on Facebook, really.


14. Dads make bad decisions.

15. Dads go on and on about…who knows what.

16. Dads are super passive-aggressive.


17. Dads will show you what's what.