If history has taught us anything, it's that this dad is BOTH the smartest and the laziest.

Pretty much everything humans have ever invented has been to help us get lazier. The wheel? Now we don't have to spend so much time carrying stuff. The printing press? Now we don't have to waste all of those hand-cramping hours copying books by hand. The iPhone-charging purse? Finally we are free of the awful burden that was bending down to plug in our incredible pocket computers!

So this dad in the video above? The dad who figured out that he could attach a baseball to a fishing pole so he could help his son practice baseball without ever leaving his chair? He's like 2015's Gutenberg. Really. What Gutenberg did for the book industry this dad could do for the Dads Who Don't Want to Leave Their Chairs industry. Which is totally, 100% an industry. They even have a convention coming up in Bloomington, IN in 2016 with seminar titles such as "Lay-Z-er Boy: Turn Your Recliner Into Something Finer," "Chair Toilet: Dream or Nightmare?" and "No, YOUR Cholesterol Is High and YOU Need to Get Out of YOUR Damn Chair."

Sources: h/t Tastefully Offensive | Ashley Whitman