At a Russian nursery school, teachers organized a cute little performance for the benefit of the parents. The benefit was supposed to be watching their kids do an adorable dance to "Gangnam Style."

Unfortunately, one dad didn't film the dance. He filmed the teacher. He filmed the teacher's butt.

The smartphone video apparently uploaded to social media in Russia has gone viral because come on, really, Dad? Supposedly, the commotion "has triggered a Russia-wide hunt for both the shamefaced dad - and the teacher."


This freaking guy. Not only is the creepy dad presumably filming the teacher without her permission, brazenly and in front of other parents, he's obviously setting an appalling example for any kids in the room.

According to the Daily Mail, the terrible video—called "Daddy is Filming an Event at the Kindergarten"—immediately racked up 160,000 views.

We can only hope his wife uploaded the video to humiliate him.