Sometimes we all need a little help getting our crush's attention (Spotify playlists, anyone?). Twitter user Angeline Tu Tran recently helped her dad score a date, simply by taking his picture.

18-year-old Tran grew up in California, but was born in Vietnam. Her father, who is retired, decided to move back to Vietnam two years ago. When Tran graduated from high school last year, she decided to join him for a year before starting school.

"I spontaneously decided to take a gap year because I wanted to see some of the world before I saw another Scantron," Tran told The Huffington Post. "And it just so happened that my dad was in a place I've always wanted to get to know better."


Tran and her dad have been traveling around Vietnam on their mopeds for the last five months. On May 11, they were on a hike in the mountains near the city of Da Lat when Tran noticed her dad doing something a little odd.

"During our hike, my dad kept stopping abruptly to pick some leaves, and when I questioned him, he said it was because they looked like hearts," Tran recalled to The Huffington Post.

When they got back to their campsite, Tran noticed her dad drawing the name "Huyen" in the sand and decorating it with the leaves. Then, her dad asked her to take a photo of him.


The teen agreed, but not before pressing her father about who the mysterious Huyen was.

"He said something along the lines of, 'Just a lady I'm interested in.'"

When pressed further, Tran's dad revealed that he and Huyen had known each other for about a year, and while there had been signs of interest from both parties, neither of them had made a move yet.

Yes, her dad wanted to send the photos to his crush. (Awww!) Tran posted the adorable pics to Twitter, thinking that friends who knew her dad would get a kick out of it.


"My dad has a crush on this lady so when we went hiking he wrote her name in the sand and sent these to her," she captioned the photos.

It seems her friends weren't the only ones that loved her dad's photos. Tran's tweet has racked up over 34,000 likes and over 6,000 retweets.

And as for dad? After he sent Huyen the photos, she told him that he "should save a date for the two of them to get together."

Twitter: @angelinetutran

"He shoots and he scores!" Tran told The Huffington Post.

Our best wishes to Angeline's dad and Huyen!

Sources: The Huffington Post