Look who's not talking.

The only thing I hate more than babies is bad diction. (via YouTube)

New parents think everything their child does is amazing. And that's beautiful. The joy the smallest utterance or gesture brings them is truly heartwarming. But parents often have a tendency to get carried away, mistaking standard baby stuff for special abilities. When I was eight months old, for example, I stuck my head in a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs and my parents thought it demonstrated "A predisposition for exploration and discovery."

A few days ago, Ted Moskalenko of New Jersey posted a video of his three-month-old son allegedly saying "I love you." The Internet blew up over it, and the video has over a million views. Babies aren't supposed to utter phrases like this until around 18 months, so I was excited to watch it and see this amazing act of speech at such a young age. I was sorely disappointed:

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