16 sad dudes reveal the exact moment they realized they were turning into their fathers.

16 sad dudes reveal the exact moment they realized they were turning into their fathers.

Every man eventually turns into his dad. It’s a little bit nature (because genetics), and it’s a little bit nurture (they raised us, for better or worse). Maybe it’s the receding hairline. Maybe it’s the grouchiness. No matter what, it will happen to you, the way it happened to these redditors.

Oh, it's

1. If you told myusername17, “I’m hungry,” he’d probably say, “Hi, hungry, I’m myusername17!”

I started appreciating corny jokes more and more.

2. Red_Eye_Jedi keeps them in the garage, next to a box of random nails and screws.

When I realized I had an entire box full of obsolete wires and connectors that I would never get rid of...


3. Complaining about some car thing and yelling. Yep, Landlubber77, that's pretty daddish.

My father always ranted and yelled when he would get stuck behind a car at that perfect time of the afternoon where the sun shines right off their side mirror into the back of your motherfucking retinas.

He'd go on a rant about how car manufacturers should be sued for even designing cars that do that. Perhaps we can find the descendants of the guy who invented mirrors and sue their nuts off too.

Anyway, the other day the sun bounced off the soft-top of the Jeep Renegade in front of me and blinded me and I found myself about to launch into a rant against JEEP for not running tests at every angle and every time of day to make sure this didn't happen.


4. Sports talk radio: It’s what dads and dawgiedish listen to, apart from the one with "Double Shots of Foghat Tuesdays."

When the default radio station went from various music channels to sports talk radio.


5. Jarmatus, his dad, and all dads are bald. Fact.

First when I started going bald at 18, and then when I started vocalising my intrusive thoughts.

6. Aw, ccnorman met his dad's old friends!

The first time I went to jail and one of the old timers recognised me.

7. FalstaffsMind figured out the secret language of dads: grunt means pretty much everything.

When I realized I had the same routine coming home from work. Walk in, barely speak to anyone beyond a grunt. Go directly to the bedroom. Change out of work clothes into a t-shirt and shorts. If it's cold, wear the same threadbare sweatshirt because it's my favorite. Go out and say hi to my wife and kids.


8. Here's hoping this deleted user didn't start going to the gym for nothing, and that their dad wasn't just standing behind them and playing a prank.

I caught myself in the mirror one day looking just like him. This was, incidentally, the impetus to go to the gym and be less fat and gross.


9. "You morons figure it out!" Weekend_Squire, capturing that dad essence.

When i observed a situation and knew how it could easily be resolved, but decided not to even try sharing my idea because of one of two reasons: A. They're morons who don't want a solution, they just like to argue and B. They're morons who don't deserve to be helped. Just sat back and watched it fall apart.


10. While ikilldinosaurs said a very dad thing, the act of food hoarding is common among all peoples.

"Look with your eyes and not your mouth."

11. Meshkent thinks the nightly routine is the most father-like attribute, but it's actually the casual use of the word "efficiency!"

I used to roll my eyes at my dad putting out everything he needed to get ready for work the night before. You know, the clothes he'd wear, shoes, toothbrush, lunch bag, etc.

Now I do it too. It pains me every time.

But... efficiency!!

12. Don't stop thinking about tomorrow, TazDingoYes.

When I thought it'd be cool to go see Fleetwood Mac on tour.


13. This story from slusamson proves what we all thought about our dads: that yelling profanity at a broken thing is a vital step in fixing it.

When I was working on a plumbing project for the first time and I swore and shouted at the pipes the entire time. My dad always did that on any home improvement or other repair project he worked on.

14. Hey, dgallant isn't made of money!

When I walk around the house just to turn the lights off.

15. Dress for the job you want, Seriousdolla.

I tucked in my shirt and thought 'I look pretty good like this'.

16. Arch27 did such a dad thing that they get a free pair of khaki shorts and a coffee table book about World War II.

Some kids in their early teens were walking down the street in front of my house this past weekend. They were being obnoxious and swearing loudly because no parents were around. I yelled at them (through a window) because my very young and rather impressionable child was playing in my backyard.