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Internet unites to help dad find a VHS tape his autistic son wants for Christmas.

Internet unites to help dad find a VHS tape his autistic son wants for Christmas.


The internet may be a dumpster fire but it is also a place where the kindness of humanity can shine through. And one thing the internet is good for is helping parents of children with special needs. Take for example the heartwarming story of a dad named James Dutton, from the UK, who recently asked Twitter to help him grant a Christmas wish for his autistic son, Thomas.

"Does anyone have or know of anyone who may still have this VHS?" wrote Dutton, with a photo of a Postman Pat VHS tape. "My severely autistic son Thomas has written it on his Xmas list...please let me know!"

Dutton clarified that his son, who is 19, actually watches the episodes on YouTube. But he wants the VHS to add to his collection—and can you blame him?! Box collections are what's upppp.

And when you ask Twitter, thou shalt receive. Dutton's tweet, which he posted two days ago, has been retweeted over 7,000 times.

And the responses rolled in. People who didn't have the VHS tape were still willing to offer their own experiences and suggestions.

Some even offered to chip in themselves and help.

And others began combing through EBay trying to help the dad find his prize.

Then there were a lot of leads!

(BTW James has personally thanked every single person who offered to help)

AND he kept a positive outlook throughout the search.


And just when you think the whole search may be for nothing........


And James posted this emotional thank you to everyone involved.

Ugh this story is so heartwarming I can't even deal. If my heart were any warmer right now you could bake a pie in there.

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