Here's a blast from the past: remember "Selfie Dad"?? Chris "Burr" Martin, a father-of-three from Spokane, Washington, went viral last summer for hilariously trolling his daughter for her "too provocative" selfies. By taking his own.

Welllllll, he's back! Actually, he never left. This dad, who is even more embarrassing than yours, has continued to share funny pics and grow followers on his popular Instagram account. In fact, he just celebrated a major milestone last week—his first "off-site" selfie. In a bathroom, of course (bathrooms are like church for the selfie-religious).


Martin, a 49-year-old warehouse inventory worker and "part-time comedian" (I'll say!), told People he started posting the mock-selfies as a way to "make a point" about his daughter's use of social media. And he thinks it's working. "Cassie has toned down her own selfies a little bit," he told People, "and she’s now more aware of the impact of them."

He continues to post selfies, but now it's "more in fun because everybody seems to get such a kick out of it."


@lilaccitycomicon Special Saturday Selfie! #selfiedad #selfiedaughter #headgames

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Luckily, Cassie seems to be among those who "get a kick out of it." She told People that now whenever she posts a selfie, she knows "there’s a chance he’s going to imitate it, but it’s always a lot of fun." And she added: "probably the funniest thing is when he draws on a tattoo and it’s still there the next day because he couldn't remove it."


Cassie has apparently faced some cyberbullying as a result (save her, Melania!). But her dad has made it clear he is NOT here for anyone being cruel to his daughter:

These two may not have the most conventional father-daughter bond, but they both seem in on the joke. So good for them! If my dad ever tried this I'd leave society forever.

Sources: People