There are a few rules for modern pregnancy: Wait three months before you tell friends and extended family, document your gender reveal party for Instagram, and, now, be careful what you post on Facebook.

Danielle, an Australian mom-to-be who already has 17-month-old twins, had her moment ruined, basically all thanks to Mark Zuckerberg.

According to Yahoo, Danielle realized the rest of the family already knew she was pregnant when she got a Facebook message from her mother-in-law asking about the status of her uterus.

"My husband was going to tell his family any day now," said Danielle. "They were hurt that they find out that way but it wasn't intentional to not tell them - we just wanted to make sure all was good at the 20-week scan. My immediate family sees me often so they kind of had to know from my bump."


It turns out that a distant cousin had done a bit of Facebook detective work (we've all been there, can't blame her for that) and determined that Danielle was pregnant. Danielle had posted on a private Facebook group asking if anyone could adopt her dog. "I said we can't keep it as we have young kids and another on the way," explains Danielle.

The slight is even more frustrating when Danielle reveals that she doesn't even know this nosy cousin. "I've only met her twice. She didn't even message me to confirm or anything - we could have miscarried by now and she had told everyone anyway without even confirming," she said. Word to the wise: If you're going to out someone's pregnancy, at least shoot them a congratulations text first.


When the cousin was confronted, all she had to say was 'well you should be careful what you post on Facebook!''

This baby's entry in the world may be dramatic, but it's a lesson to all of us: Don't become Facebook friends with your family.