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23 of the funniest posts from parents whose kids have pushed them to the edge.

23 of the funniest posts from parents whose kids have pushed them to the edge.


Every parent has their limit to how much she can and will tolerate from her kids. And every kid has pushed them to that limit, and beyond, more times than there are fruit snacks in between the couch cushions.

I don't have kids but based on what I've read and heard online, they are the world's cutest and most lovable torture devices. And the only way most parents survive is with a healthy dose of humor (and the occasional jug of wine).

These hilarious posts are from parents who have been pushed to the brink of sanity, and beyond:

1.) This kid who invented a new kind of aroma diffuser.

2.) A parenting first.

3.) Puke couture.

4.) Imagine how the pig feels.

5.) The audacity of yogurt.

6.) Settle down, Big Jim.

7.) This kid who sees dead people (and talks to them).

8.) This kid who doesn't understand how trading works.

9.) She's technically correct.

10.) Yes, that's the one.

11.) America's future paparazi.

12.) At least parents get a moment of peace when showering...... NOT!

13.) Children are miracles.

14.) The wha-

15.) This tiny goat thief.

16.) The next Andy Warhol.

17.) We've located the root of the great TP shortage of 2020.

18.) At least she's honest.

19.) Miss Sue has had it.

20.) More like fig SHOE-tons amiright folks?

21.) Society is overrated.

22.) Thoughts and prayers.

23.) They're always listening.

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