Pictured: Your mom and dad (via Reddit)

There's just something about certain songs that make you want to find your special lady, hold her tight, and make love. This is a feeling often felt…by your parents. Even they've got their handful of songs that make them frisky, and almost all of them were smooth hits released between the years of 1977 and 1983h. These are the songs you heard coming from your parents bedroom when they were doing exactly what you don't want to think about them doing.

1. Herb Alpert, "Rise"

The smooth jazz of this proto-Kenny G smooth jazz is so smooth, so slick, so sun-soaked that it just always reminds your mom and dad of that trip they took to Hawaii together, just the two of them. They did things on that trip, gross things that you didn't think parents did, but they did, because it was the late '70s, they were in love, and they were in Hawaii. (Butt stuff. They did butt stuff.)

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