Thank you, Dad, for the healing power of laughter and mortification in front of these nurses.
(via redditor Dawsonmadness)

According to redditor Dawsonmadness, his or her brother was in the hospital for lung surgery and their dad decided to play with their whiteboard. I'm sure he did this in the hopes that one of the doctors would ask him about big butts and he'd be all like "what?" and everyone else would be like "gotcha!" and he'd be like "I'm having lung surgery, maybe raucous laughter isn't the medicine I need right now."

It's still pretty sweet though. Maybe he'll get lucky and a doctor will read his son's blood pressure as 36 over 24 over 36, which is great, but only if you're 5'3".


(by Johnny McNulty)

Sources: redditor Dawsonmadness