I bet they made a snail mail joke and didn't even joke about how no one
makes snail mail jokes anymore. Soooo hipster.
(via redditor reifier)

Feeling old because Letterman is retiring? Because Colbert has already been on the air for 9 years and is switching to network TV, which means you're officially now in the old-person demographic? 

Well, meet whoever the hell these two parents who sent a selfie to their son are, and rejoice, because they are your salvation. They both act hopelessly older than you, and at the same time they prove that by being unapologetic old people, they can become cool young kids again (except for the taut, sexy flesh thing—you'll never get that back). I mean, look at all the awesome points they got here: kickass beard, check. Andy Warhol-colored (and shaped) hair, check. Lean-in selfie, check. Really heavy Instagram-esque filter, check. Supposedly "out-of-print" Polaroid, check. Retro form of communication (even cooler than getting a pre-3G phone), check. 

Sources: redditor reifier