Breastfeeding Mama Talk is a popular Facebook page devoted to, you guessed it, moms talking about breastfeeding. It's a mix of informative articles and goofy memes. The posts are all largely positive and the comments supportive, despite how controversial and divisive breastfeeding frequently is on the Internet. Until they posted this last week:

Your kid might be breastfed when...

Posted by Breastfeeding Mama Talk on Thursday, January 7, 2016

The meme set off a bomb in the comments section. It shows a toddler attempting to nurse his infant sibling, probably after seeing his mom do it a bunch. People reacted with anger, confusion, and accusations of pornography:


There were also many comments in support of the meme and the mommy who snapped the picture. Other moms shared photos of their children engaged in similar behavior. They had pictures of toddlers "breastfeeding" dolls and very inefficiently attempting to use pumps. Kids imitate their parents and these kids have been seeing breastfeeding. Kristy Kemp, who runs BFMT, has been responding with periodic updates. She seems pretty enraged by accusations of pornography:


She further expanded in an interview with The Daily Mail, saying:

No one bats an eye when a kid pretends to bottle feed, but when they see a kid imitating breastfeeding they view negatively? How does that make sense?

Bottle feeding and breastfeeding share the same exact concept. Wouldn't it be strange for people to say "pornography" over a kid playing make believe with a bottle? So why the double standards? That is what I aim to fix.

For anyone to associate anything sexual or pornographic with kids and breastfeeding they would have to be pretty disturbed. We should be worried about the people who are viewing children in a sexual manner, not the parents who allow their kids to play make believe like healthy normal kids do.

I share the breastfeeding photos, such as the meme with the little boy pretending to breastfeed his baby brother to normalize breastfeeding and start discussions. It's a great way to educate and bring awareness. For anyone to twist a photo like that and associate it with porn, that's what should be offensive to society.


Whatever you think about this meme, let it remind you of one important fact: kids are weird, tiny drunk people with no boundaries.

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