Nowadays, it seems like nothing freaks people out more than a breastfeeding mother. There appears to be a never-ending stream of stories about shaming breastfeeding moms into feeding their children in dark, secluded corners where no one can lay eyes on them. Well, this is another one of those stories. A Pennsylvania mother named Emily Locke was breastfeeding her son while attending a wedding at the Western Reserve Historical Society when an employee approached her and said "you aren't allowed to do that here." She wrote about the ordeal on her Facebook page, and the post has since been shared over 16,000 times.


This past weekend I was in my sisters wedding. It was a beautiful day darkened by one situation. While taking pictures...

Posted by Emily Locke on Monday, March 21, 2016

This past weekend I was in my sisters wedding. It was a beautiful day darkened by one situation. While taking pictures at the Western Reserve Historical Society, I took a break to nurse my 9 month old baby. Not long after I began, I was approached by a woman who told me "you aren't allowed to do that here." I responded that I was actually legally allowed to nurse my child. She said it was against the museum policy and I had to stop. I refused and she said she would have to get her manager. I said I would be happy to speak with her manager. Moments later I was approached by a young woman. She said I would have to move and they had a private area where I could "do that" I said I was fine where I was, and told her that legally I could nurse my child where ever I was permitted to be. (I wanted to be near where my family and other two children were posing for the pictures. I truly did not have time to stop the feeding and move to another location even if I wanted to.) She then told it was a family museum. I explained this is a family moment. She then told me she was just trying to protect the innocent children. I was pretty shocked. I think I responded with a blank stare, considering the place was nearly empty and the only innocent children around were my children, and also, I was nursing a child not walking around topless. She stared at me for a moment and said "I guess there is nothing I can do then." I said "I guess not" and she walked away while I finished nursing my son.

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