The most dramatic part of Ciara Murray's story about giving birth to son James is that she doesn't remember it at all. That's because at the time of her Caesarean section, Murray had been in a medically-induced coma after having a stroke almost two weeks earlier. When she woke from the coma on November 10, 2015, she learned that baby James had been delivered on October 30. Surprise!

Ciara Murray, from Fermanagh, Ireland, had experienced a healthy and normal pregnancy for the first 37 weeks, according to the Independent. But on October 29, she suffered a massive stroke, and had to be taken to the hospital, where the following day doctors removed the blood clot from her brain that had caused the stroke, and also deliver her baby via C-section. She was put into a coma by the doctors "to give her body time to heal," while her husband, John, took the baby home and cared for him.


She reportedly didn't wake up until 10 days later, though. When she woke, a nurse told her she'd had the baby. She told the Independent,

I couldn't believe it. John brought him into me and it was just amazing.

I could hardly move but he just lay there on my chest. He was just a wee tiny bundle but he was perfect.

I just felt so lucky that he was doing well because I was so worried about him.

Her recovery was far from complete, but she had a dedicated husband and a sweet, healthy baby. For more details on the recovery process, check out the rest of Ciara Murray's story in the Independent.