A Vancouver mom supposedly went on Craigslist to sell a cat toy she found under her son's bed, but the photo she took of the "cat toy" reveals that you probably shouldn't let your cat play with it. Because it's a butt plug. A butt plug with a furry tail:

The ad reads:

My son went off to college and while cleaning his room I ran across this old cat toy under his bed. I tried to use it on my cat but I think the catnip wore off because it doesn't sniff at it any more after I washed it. My husband said to just sell everything that was left.

Can return if your cat shows no interest in it or it's too big for your cat.

Thank you.

As The Daily Dot​ points out, the photo is from an old tweet—meaning this ad is probably just a prank (if the line about the cat no longer sniffing at it didn't give that away):

But even if the ad is fake, it brings up some important issues, like that any cat toy can be a sex toy if you stuff it up your butt.

Sources: Daily Dot