Alzheimer's is very difficult to cope with— both for the person suffering and those who love them. But a woman named Christine Stone, whose mother Setsuko Harmon started showing signs of Alzheimer's over a decade ago, discovered an unexpected silver lining to the disease.

After Stone discovered that she was pregnant, she was excited to share the happy news with her mother. But because Harmon's memory doesn't retain things for very long, she got to "surprise" her mother with the happy news over and over again.

Harmon's reaction is adorably delightful every single time.


"I’ve shared the news countless times ― too many to count," Stone told The Huffington Post. "It is sad yet heartwarming to see my mom’s reaction every time."

At first, Stone had reservations about sharing the bittersweet video, but decided it would be a good way to "raise awareness around Alzheimer’s and show the power of finding the positive in negative situations."

Harmon, who has defeated cancer multiple times prior to her Alzheimer's diagnosis, lives with her husband and full-time caregiver, Bob.


"I cannot wait for her to meet our daughter when she arrives in October, obviously," said Stone, adding, "I also hope people take time out of their schedule to spend time with their parents, because they won’t be around forever."