South Florida mom Emily Robinson was irked when she received a mailer from the Donald Trump campaign, asking her to send an "emergency contribution." Like so many Americans, she had been outraged at the leaked tape of Trump bragging about forcing himself on married women and how they would let him "grab them by the pu**y." She had no interest in donating a few dollars to help this sex offender spare his imploding campaign from the ash heap of history. So instead, she "contributed" something else. And posted about it on Facebook.

Yes I did. #protest

Posted by Emily Robinson on Saturday, October 8, 2016

Her letter reads:

Dear Mr. Trump,
I am not able to mail you my actual pussy so I’ve included the next best thing.
Cheers, Emily

Underneath, she taped a small knot of her own pubic hair.

Robinson's post has gone viral, with over 1,000 likes. She told Scary Mommy that the response has been overwhelmingly positive, but the few haters she's come across don't bother her. She knew what she was doing.


My pubes aren’t gross. They are just trimmed off, clean little hairs. A man who thinks it’s okay to talk about how he grabs pussies (in front of several other people on a bus) is way more gross than few taped down short ‘n curlies.

She also explained why, as a mother of two girls, she feels it's important not to take Trump's intimidation lying down.

The list of badass women I know and their accomplishments is staggering. This one little thing I did – this silly little gesture – is not about this election. It’s about women not taking any more bullshit from sexist men and a sexist culture. I am a human, and a good one – not a pussy to be grabbed.


Hear hear. Kudos to Robinson and her short 'n curlies for their good work.