This Irish mom's rant is going viral for all the delightful curses she flings at Justin Bieber.

This Irish mom's rant is going viral for all the delightful curses she flings at Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber recently added two tour dates in Dublin, and apparently Ireland is full of rabid Beliebers, because the shows sold out yesterday in just eight minutes. This meant that there were some broken hearts on that magical isle, and some price-gouging on the Internet! Alicia Gayson was looking for tickets for Bieber's concerts—his first in the city since 2013—and was enraged to find them selling on Ticketmaster for €1840 (that's almost $2000 in USD). The Irish "momma bear" (that's how she describes herself on Facebook) took to social media to tell Bieber exactly what she thinks of him, and it is delightful:

She rants:

Dear ‪#‎JustinBieber‬

Are you actually having the lols with us this morning pal??

After having spent my morning (like other Irish mammies nationwide ) with my mush stuck to both phones, laptops, I pads and even bleeding the Morse Code network trying to get tickets to your gig (which you selfishly announced a week before Christmas putting ADDITIONAL needless pressure on mammies and daddies because little girls all over the country changed their Santa list on hearing the news) - imagine the excitement when we managed to bypass the Ticketmaster queue into the purchase tickets page.

Imagine the palpitations as we wait on the tickets to be allocated knowing that most have been snapped up so we chose the BEST AVAILABLE option.

Imagine the fucking sheer devastation and heartache to see that the best available tickets are priced at a "mere" €1840 euro - EACH!!!

Would ya ever go fuck off with yourself you skinny snot nosed cunt!!

Did you forget that you were once raised by a single parent mother yourself??? Ya fucking selfish prick!

I'm lucky that my "child" is 18 and while disappointed, will understand that mammy did her best. But what about the little 8 year old girls for whom Justin "The Grinch" Bieber just stole Christmas???

Bah fucking humbug to you too - ya twat!



Her post has now been shared over 5,000 times, which must be close to the entire population of Dublin. Gayson was obviously not expecting her anger to strike such a chord in the angry breast of moms everywhere, who are cracking under the pressure of finding the perfect Christmas gift. She followed up her original post with some explanations, as well as her fears about her own mom reading the naughty language:

When Dolly gets her, she's dead.