Kaycee Oxendine of Carrboro, NC, is furious after a daycare worker breastfed her lactose intolerant three-month-old baby on Friday after Oxendine asked her not to. The whole incident was caught on camera, and now Oxendine wants the police to press charges against the woman.

The woman, who works at Carrboro Early School and has a two-month-old in the same class as Oxendine's baby thought she could fix the baby's constipation by breastfeeding him.

“She said that she had a son and did I want her to put my child to her breast and breastfeed? And I said ‘no, that’s nasty. We don’t do things like that,'” Oxendine told Fox 6 News.


Oxendine's son is lactose intolerant and not supposed to ingest any dairy products. But moments after Oxendine left the room, security footage shows the woman lifting her shirt and breastfeeding the baby. Then, Friday night, Oxendine had to bring her baby to the hospital after he started throwing up.

“That’s an innocent baby. My baby couldn’t say ‘no — don’t do that.’ He couldn’t defend hisself (sic),” Oxendine said. “Not only did you put your breast to my son, you also made my son sick. I would hate for any parent, any family to have to go through what me and my family have had to go through."


The woman has reportedly been fired from Carrboro Early School. She had been working in child care for more than a decade, according to the daycare director.

No charges have been filed against the woman, but the police are investigating it as a child abuse case.