When Georgia mom Lindsey Chastain noticed that her nine-year-old daughter Lexi Cramer woke up from her nap one morning thinking she'd slept through the night, she knew she couldn't let the opportunity pass by. It was time for a Classic Mom Prank. She told Inside Edition,

She thought it was morning time because normally it’s dark out when she wakes up. She started putting on her outfit for the next day. I just played along with it from there.

And Lexi didn't need much convincing. For a nine-year-old, she seemed to be extremely gung-ho about going to school. Chastain was so tickled, she started filming the whole thing. And lo, viral video magic was made.


When the nap was so good you think it's the next day when you wake up so you start getting ready for school...

Posted by Lindsey Chastain on Sunday, December 4, 2016

After posting the video to Facebook in December 2016, the video went viral. And now, thanks to a wave of media coverage, it's going viral all over again. To date, the clip has been viewed over 11 million times, and received almost 200,000 shares. Everyone loves to see a parent (lovingly) torture their kid.