A lady giving birth to her own granddaughter isn't even as rare as you might think, because when a woman can't give birth for medical reasons, it's sometimes natural to turn to the one person she knows can handle it—her own mom.

In this case, it's a sad story with a happy ending. Jessica Jenkins, 21, underwent treatment for cervical cancer when she was 18. Doctors knew that the cancer and treatment would leave Jenkins unable to conceive, so they offered her the option of freezing her eggs.

Freeze she did, and three years later her mother, a 45-year-old named Julie Bradford, offered to act as surrogate for her daughter and her son-in-law's child.


Said Bradford: "The last three years have been the absolute worst. But I was lucky enough to have been given the chance to put things right."

If that wasn't a good enough indicator of how selfless and loving this woman is, she also said, "We've spent a lot of time in hospitals and it has become normal to us. I'm just so happy that this last visit was for such a wonderful reason."


Jessica's in remission, a cancer survivor with a healthy baby, Jack, and an incredible mother she can no longer ever refuse a favor.

You're coming home for Christmas, Jessica, every single year.