The prospect of having company over has the ability to turn any mom into a mop-wielding superhuman who won't let you touch anything in the house out of fear that you might make it dirty again. After 17-year-old Nick Denbow's mom cleaned their living room for Thanksgiving (almost a month early, no less), she taped off the entrance and put up a hilarious sign forbidding anyone from setting foot in the room. Denbow posted a picture of his mom's sign to Twitter, and it quickly went viral.


The sign reads:

This room has been cleaned for the holidays and is officially CLOSED until Thanksgiving.

Special permission will be considered for you to sit on my clean furniture or walk on my clean carpet only after the following conditions have been met:

1) You have showered and are dirt and odor free from top to toe.

2) You are wearing freshly laundered clothing.

If permission is granted... NO food or drinks are permitted at this time.

Thank you!

You may choose one of my many titles...


~Payer of bills


~Queen of the castle

~Person ruining your life

~Bossy bitch in charge

Whatever works for you! =)


Yeah. She's not messing around. Nothing's gonna stand in the way of this queen's castle remaining completely spotless.